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January 2020: Brands Selling Online

Do you want to know what is selling online so far in 2020? (Platforms sold on will be linked at the end of the article).

As I compile my January data- I wanted to jump on and show a quick overview of brands that have been selling online for ME in January.

For those that are always claiming they can’t find the ‘good brands’ to resell- have no fear. I live in a rural area & sell 99% bread and butter brands. I promise you I can sell an Ann Taylor top or Hurley Hoodie faster than I can sell Tory Burch or Christian Dior.

I will have the numbers for you soon- but for now, take a quick look at the brands that I sold on Poshmark, Mercari and Ebay (categories) in Janaury 2020. (There were ZERO sales on Kidizen in January).


Gianni Bini
Oscar De La Renta
Lucky Brand
Knox Rose
Ooh La La
Under Armour
Liz Claiborne
Lorena Rose
Gianni Bernini
Lily Bloom
Lauren RL
Calvin Klein
Vintage America
Connected Apparel
Roni Rabl
Hush Puppy
Victoria Secret
Harley Davidson
Ralph Lauren
Crown Vintage
American Eagle
Ann Taylor
Body Central
Amerian Rag
No Brand


Wet Seal
Victorias Secret
No brand


*I sell very little on Ebay- mostly household, so here is a catergory list*:

Baby Clothes

There were some sales on Marketplace, which I will include in my official Statistics Report.

Although I consider myself a full-time reseller, I must admit and confess that January was a Part-Time endeavor for me. I worked approximately 25 hours/week outside of the home at my coffee shop and I also worked approximately 20 hours/week from home running another company. February & March may be simliar, but ultimately the goal is to resell full time.

Are you an online reseller? If you are just looking to get started, check out the platforms below to check them out. If you use my code: 33Magnolia – you will recieve a free $10 credit on both Mercari & Poshmark. Happy selling and happy shopping!

Poshmark: Click Here.

Mercari: Click Here.

Ebay: Click Here.

Kidizen– Referal Code: bgo4c for a FREE $5 :

Let me know how your January was! If you are looking to get started on reselling, share your goals, questions, fears, etc. The reselling community is super helpful & supportive. Let’s get that $$$ 🙂

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December 2019 Resale Stats- A Baseline for 2020

Just to test the waters, and to show you where I am starting from, I thought I’d throw up some quick numbers & graphics to depict December 2019 sales.

Now, as I head into 2020, I’m hoping to turn this into more of a full-time job instead of a regular side-hustle (thus why I am all the more intrigued by what the numbers show).

In addition to some freelance work done inside the home, I also work outside of the home about 30 hours a week. Reselling, is ultimately my *3rd* gig. Keep that in mind when thinking about the time & effort given.

I do plan on documenting that part of the journey as well, to see if spending more time on the business relates to more money in the bank. We will see.

For now- check out some stats from December 2019:

This is just a baseline and I will be using this data to show deviations month to month. There will be much more data looked at as we move on. I will be not only analyzing my data, but that of other resellers- both full & part time.

Remember- in addition to hard numbers as shown, I’m tracking activity logs daily. This will help in determining which activities are bringing the best results, and on which platforms.

So without further ado – Here we go- kicking off 2020 strong!

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Reselling Stats to Watch in 2020

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Let me do the dirty work. I am analyzing stats and data and will share with you weekly, monthly and quarterly statistics.

These are some of the items I am watching- (comment if there is another area we should be looking at!):

  • How Many Items Sold Per Platform
  • ASP (Per item)
  • Method of Sale (Full Price, Offer from customer, Offer to customer, etc)
  • Brand of Item & Item Category
  • How many new Watchers/Followers/Likes, etc
  • New Listings Added
  • Promotional Activities Conducted (Sharing, Pay-to-Promote, etc)

There are reasons I am watching these items mentioned. The obvious ones – how many sold, ASP, etc- are important as they fall to our bottom line of profit. Other items- the ones that are activity based- I am watching to see how active the community is and how much exposure I am getting. Certain trends can lead me to adjust prices, or create more exposure for my stores.

Watch for the detailed weekly recaps on Monday’s, although this will depend on life happenings of course!

Monthly recaps will happen the first week following the end of the month.

Quarterly recaps will be up within 1-2 weeks after the completion of the Q.

I will also bring over some data from these platforms directly & hopefully bring on some guests to share their wisdom also.

Be sure to follow along & share your insights along the way too. The reseller community is known for their helpfulness, transparency and support of one another- let’s keep that going in 2020.

Let me know in the comments if there are other items you’d like me to monitor.

Have a safe & happy New Year’s Eve!


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How do I Side-Hustle?

I realize that a quick introduction might be in order.

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My name is Jennifer, and I am a side-hustler extradornaire. (Pretty sure that might not be the correct verbiage, but while I’m a hustler, I am not the grammar police. So no picking on my writing.)

I’ve been actively reselling for years- mostly as a hobby & mostly my own things. In 2019, I began buying things with the intent to resell- thus offically I began calling myself a “reseller”.

This blog will follow my journey in 2020, and will analyze data & trends in the reselling world.

Where am I reselling?

  1. Poshmark: I use Posh as my main platform for clothing, accessories, shoes & bags. If you aren’t on Poshmark yet, use my code for a $10 shopping credit! My Code: 33Magnolia (Also my closet name 🙂
  2. Mercari: For a long time, Mercari was my “everything else” platform. I now crosslist items from Posh to Mercari. While Posh is definitely the front runner here, Mercari comes in clutch for items that I need to move! Click here a FREE $10 credit also (limited time)
  3. Ebay: So many people swear by Ebay in the reselling world. I don’t love it, but it works for some of the more unique items and high dollar items. It’s important to remember that the Ebay audience is much larger than Posh & Mercari, so it’s worth dabbling in.
  4. Kidizen: Only a few sales hit or miss on this kids stuff resale app, but it’s so quick & easy to list, it makes sense to crosspost my kids stuff here too. I don’t do a lot of kids items, so that probably plays a role in my lower sales. But, I’m happy with one a month for now to help move the kiddie stuff along. Click here for a $5 credit when you sign up for Kidizen: and use the code- bgo4c
  5. Facebook Marketplace: Only used for larger items that would benefit from a local sale. Otherwise, this platform is generally a time-waster of messages & no-shows for me, but I do believe that different areas of the country vary!

That’s the gist of it. For now.

If you are interested in learning how to succeed at reselling on these platforms, be sure to follow this blog for updates! I will be discussing personal experiences, inviting other professionals & corporate guests to provide insight, and looking over market data.