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Poshmark’s January Listing Challenge

Since we recently discussed selling items on the Mercari app, I wanted to briefly pop in and discuss the reselling app Poshmark. (If you are not on the Poshmark App- use my code @33magnolia for a FREE $5).

Posh is currently my leading platform for my reselling business. I think there are a few different reasons for this-

  1. I have been on Poshmark the longest, starting in October 2017 just to clean out my closet & my teenager daughters.
  2. Poshmark is easy for me (I don’t mind the sharing), so I am just drawn to work it more.
  3. Clothing & shoes are my go-to items to sell (although I do dabble with hard goods & collectibles also).

As I am working towards building up my business in 2020, I was intrigued by Poshmark’s January listing challenge.

Poshmark occasionally runs different challenges for sellers, including the ‘Love it or List it’ challenge. The challenge typically runs for one day, or sometimes an entire weekend. The beauty of the January challenge is it will run for…you guessed it. The month of January.

But what does this mean for Poshmark sellers?

Simply put, everytime you list an item you are entered into a drawing. Poshmark has provided the above tracker to help guide you through listing as many items as possible. I’m fearful how this may end up blasting the marketplace with listings, but I’m going to look at the positive and use this as an incentive to build up my store (which I am supposed to be doing anyways).

Prizes will come in the form of cash, and they are also giving away some Iphone 11’s.

Are you a #Posher? What do you think of this month’s ‘Love it or List it’ challenge?


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